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5 breakfasts that burn fat

By Brierley Wright, M.S., R.D., October 9, 2009 - 11:28am

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Brierley asks: Do you eat breakfast before a morning workout?


MY question: I do my exercise every morning after get up from bed...
I usualy spent 1hr for exercise, than i'l take my shower and come to work.
Is it correct way am i doing????
Advise pls:


04/16/2010 - 3:51am

Eating oatmeal and fruit and yogurt for breakfast usually does not hold me until lunch when I do my workouts. I usually start getting very hungry midway through my workout. Breakfast burritos and blackberries usually keep me satisfied until lunchtime. I love oatmeal, musli and granola, I've even tried your power bars, which I love, but they tend to spike my blood sugar instantly and actually make me hungrier.


04/19/2010 - 7:37pm

No, instead I grab a handful of almonds or trail mix for an energy boost and head to the gym. Sometimes I substitute that for a handful of bare naked granola with some dried fruit and nuts. Great way to start off a work out!


04/24/2010 - 2:27pm

I usually have something with whole grains, fruit, and a little protein before I exercise--like oatmeal with apple and milk or an English muffin with almond butter, sliced fruit, and yogurt. After I work out I have something with more protein--like a frittata or a smoothie. I've found that this system keeps me energized, stabilizes my blood sugar level, and doesn't lead to stomach cramping during exercise.


05/31/2010 - 12:23pm

I personally believe as long as its something very light and then something else light when you are finished. Just to give yourself something to burn off. Especially since our bodies go on a fast while we are sleep. A lot of times we wake up hungry any way. I work out 5 days a week and if i have a lot to eat before my work out It makes my workout very hard. However I do believe that u do need a little something on your stomach. If it's nothing but a protein shake or healthy smoothie.


06/03/2010 - 1:46pm

No, not typically. Sometimes I may have a capuccino. The few times I have had a light breakfast I feel full and not able to work out to my potential.


06/04/2010 - 1:52pm

i read that eating breakfast before a workout can put on weight


06/04/2010 - 7:59pm



06/05/2010 - 1:02am

For me it's important to eat something that I can digest easily. I usually will make some black tea - sweeten with a little honey, have a banna, and also toast a breakfast pita. I like the pita's that are whole grain with raisins and nuts in them. I put on the pita, peanut butter or any nut butter and the PC jam.
Grap my water bottle and I am good to go for at least a solid hour run or work out. It's also important to
eat right the previous day during the hours of 12 - 5 pm for the following morning's work out - this also will fuel the workout properly.


06/08/2010 - 7:57am

My go to breakfast before a work out is a slice of Ezekial whole grain toast with a very thin coating of spun honey, topped with organic peanut butter. Yum, I get protein, fat, and carbohydrate. This really holds me, and it prevents low blood sugar dips.


06/10/2010 - 12:40am

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