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4 diet-busting fast-food lunches to skip (and what to order instead)

By Brierley Wright, M.S., R.D., July 6, 2010 - 3:32pm

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Brierley asks: What’s your favorite healthy fast-food lunch?


Two fresco tacos from taco bell. 300 calories!


02/22/2012 - 2:12pm

Jugo Juice Smoothie - "Powerzone" - 24 0z = 5.25 servings of fruit / 246 calories / 0.2 g fat / 3.4 g fibre


08/18/2010 - 9:21am

2 oz thin sliced turkey on Weight Watchers whole wheat bread with lettuce and tomato and one T of light mayo.


08/17/2010 - 11:33pm

I LOVE McDonalds. I, once a week eat a cheeseburger, apple dippers (w/o the 100cal caramel sauce), a side salad with 1tbs of Newmans Ranch dressing and a diet Coke. This meal comes in at about 400 calories. My favorite thing about it is that there are McDonalds EVERYWHERE and I can eat there if I feel like it and still be healthy.


08/17/2010 - 10:08pm

Subway's 6 inch veggie on toasted honey oat (no cheese) with sweet onion sauce.


08/17/2010 - 5:11pm

Chic Fil A grilled chicken sandwich and fruit cup or yogurt parfait!


07/31/2010 - 6:52pm

how about suggestions at places real people eat....most of your choices i've never heard of. if you chose fast food also give suggestions for places like mcdonalds, jack in the box, taco bell, del taco, carls jr, el pollo loco, burger king.....this are the most popular and busiest fast food establishments, and obviously, the one most people use. i'd like to know what you suggest at these fast food/drive thrus.


07/31/2010 - 6:03pm

tuna sandwich at subway!


07/31/2010 - 5:00pm

McDonalds Fruit Salad...Its well porshioned and gives lots of nutrients


07/31/2010 - 4:41pm

Taco Bell: bean burrito w/o cheese or steak burrito supreme fresco style
Carl's Jr.: teriyaki chicken sandwich w/o cheese or mayo, OR the apple, cranberry, walnut & grilled
chicken salad with balsamic vinaigrette
Subway: 6 in turkey breast or turkey/ham on wheat w/o cheese, mayo or oil
Del Taco: 2 chicken tacos "del carbon"
Panda Express: Panda Bowl w/steamed rice and either mushroom chicken, string bean chicken or
broccoli chicken (which they rarely have.) BEWARE: Beijing Beef is the worst item on
the menu, DOUBLE the calories of their infamous orange chicken.
Domino's Pizza: THIN CRUST American Legends Pacific Veggie, Buffalo Chicken or Honolulu Hawaiian
And, my FAVORITE is a small chain called The Flame Broiler. Their chicken bowl is DELICIOUS. Steamed white OR brown rice, fresh, crunchy veggies, yummy broiled chicken with NO slimy/fatty skin and only 610 calories (and I can never finish the whole thing so you figure maybe 550 calories tops.)


07/31/2010 - 1:42pm

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