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May 4, 2011 - 11:12am

Before I went to culinary school, I worked at a recreational cooking school and event center. The center hosted singles parties complete with a make-your-own-appetizer station. At one of these events, we decided to make spring rolls. It’s a popular Thai restaurant appetizer, but we knew many people had no idea how to make them. What better way to get people talking to one another, we thought.

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We were right, it definitely got people interacting. Those who had made spring rolls before swooped in to save the poor souls who ended up staring perplexedly at a pile of ingredients sitting on top of a dry rice-paper wrapper, wondering what the heck...

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April 19, 2011 - 11:23am

When I was a kid, I loved hunting for Easter eggs and searching for my Easter basket. But now I look forward to Easter for a completely different reason—the leftover ham. After all our guests depart, I slice and dice up the leftovers. Some of it gets transformed into other recipes the following days. I tuck the rest away in my freezer for when I have a hankering for ham. When I feel like firing up the grill, I make Chicken Cordon Bleu Burgers. Ham & Swiss Rosti is a fast and satisfying dinner on a busy weeknight. Broccoli, Ham & Pasta Salad is perfect for potlucks and picnics; leftovers make a terrific brown-bag lunch. Ham & Red Pepper Spread is a tasty snack or appetizer; I like to spread it on cucumber slices or toasted baguette. And don’t...

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April 13, 2011 - 11:25am

While I always do some sort of grand spring-cleaning project, usually involving the basement, garage and my closet, I never think to clean out my pantry. But when my friend Lucy told me that she found a bottle of vinegar that expired in 2006 and boxes of gelatin with a use-by date in 2008 when she cleaned out her kitchen, I thought perhaps it was time to take a look.

Luckily, it was easier than I thought. Here’s how I did it (and if you use these guidelines it’ll just take you a few minutes, since you won’t have to spend time debating whether to keep or not to keep).

• Almost everything in my pantry was tagged with a date and one of these phrases: “Use By,” “Best By” or “Use Before.” I ditched everything that was past its date (see ya, chicken...

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March 25, 2011 - 12:47pm

One thing I love about working in the EatingWell Test Kitchen is that we can make just about any recipe healthier. Even though Asian food in general has a healthier halo (often lean meat or fish and lots of vegetables cooked with little fat, over rice or noodles), it’s easy to end up with a plate piled with chunks of fried meat drowning in a sauce sweeter than fake maple syrup over a pile of white rice.

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Easy Stir-Fry Recipes

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March 22, 2011 - 1:38pm

On a cold, rainy, early spring day last March, assistant food editor Hilary Meyer and I were testing recipes in the EatingWell Test Kitchen. Conversation segued into Whine Fest 2010 about our gardening prospects for the upcoming season—I had moved into a new apartment that didn’t have any space to garden and she was sick of trying to coax tomatoes and other sun-loving plants from her decidedly shady garden. Then, a eureka moment: there was plenty of flat, sunny, open land right next to our office. Why not plant a garden there?

With the help of our husbands, we transformed a pretty substantial chunk of land into a really amazing garden. We wrote about our EatingWell garden in the March/April issue of EatingWell Magazine, where Hilary compiled this list of 5 essential tools to help you get your garden off...

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