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January 28, 2014 - 10:49am

Nancy Roscigno, a 47-year-old interior designer from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, lost over 20 pounds with her girlfriends. Here’s how she did it— and how you can too.

What was your biggest challenge for losing weight?

I had a very hard time making the right food choices. I grew up in a large Italian-American family and though I’ve been cooking since I was a kid, the food—and the portions—weren’t always healthy.

What was the key moment you decided you wanted to lose weight?

I wasn’t happy with the number I saw on the scale, and I felt a huge responsibility to provide good choices and be the healthy role model that I wanted to be for my kids (now aged 21 and 19). When I ate better, my family ate better.

My girlfriends and I had been walking together in the neighborhood almost daily and...

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January 28, 2014 - 9:06am

Eating clean may seem like a trendy idea, but in the EatingWell Test Kitchen, it’s what we always think about when we develop recipes—and how we like to cook at home. It’s simply a healthy—and sustainable—way to approach all your meals. “Clean eating means filling your plate with real, whole foods, eating a variety of fruits and whole grains, moderate amounts of lean meats and sustainable seafood, dairy, nuts and seeds and healthy oils,” says Michelle Dudash, registered dietitian and author of Clean Eating for Busy Families. And, she adds, “Notice how you don’t eliminate food groups?” Now that’s good news!

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To help jump-start your clean-eating efforts, I’ve put together a 7-day...

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December 9, 2013 - 2:20pm

When I’m invited to someone’s house for dinner, I never show up empty-handed. Call me Southern (which is a compliment!) but I think bringing a little offering says, “Thank you so much for inviting me over and serving me food.” I used to bring a bottle or wine or flowers, but recently I’ve been whipping up homemade treats. This holiday season I’m making EatingWell’s new homemade chocolate bark recipes. Why? Because bark is a lot healthier and easier to make than chocolate fudge. It’s also delicious—during the testing phase, the EatingWell staff chased me down every afternoon to get their chocolate fix.

Check it out: 8 Healthy Chocolate Bark Recipes

The biggest difference between chocolate bark and chocolate...

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November 20, 2013 - 3:11pm

For the first time in our lifetime, Thanksgiving and Hanukkah will be celebrated on the same day, Thursday, November 28, 2013. (This won’t happen again for another 77,000 years!) For my multicultural family (my dad is Chinese and Buddhist, my mom’s a Jewish New Yorker), the convergence of these two holidays is special because both commemorate freedom and gratitude. Another perk of this rare holiday combination means two food-centric meals merge into one delicious menu that honors both celebrations.

The menu I put together represents a mix of traditional favorites from each holiday that complement each other. While this menu isn’t for a kosher meal, you can easily adapt the menu: just swap oil for butter in the Brussels sprouts and take a break between dinner and dessert—something you’ll probably want to do anyway to fully savor this “historical” blend...

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November 12, 2013 - 10:21am

Stacy Fraser, EatingWell’s Test Kitchen Manager, and I recently offered dinner ideas and advice to a group of working mothers. When we asked, “What is the most difficult part of making a healthy dinner?” the overwhelming answer was one word: time. Serving a healthy dinner is hard when you’re trying to juggle school, work, exercising, grocery shopping and activities for kids and parents. The last thing you want is to add another to-do to your list—to plan your meals. Most of us just make it up on the fly. At 4:55 p.m. In the grocery store.

So we figured we could help out. We spend our days thinking about food and what to eat (and we have to feed our families every night too!). So we came up with a FREE downloadable mini cookbook of 20 weeknight-friendly recipes for busy families, enough to get you through a month of meals...

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