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Putting the Garden to Bed

By Barbara Ganley, October 5, 2011 - 8:09am

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It's that time of year again--the end of tomato season in Vermont (unless you have a greenhouse), the end of the tender herbs (inless you pot them up and bring them inside), the peppers and lettuces, the eggplant and, yes, the zucchini, for tonight we are expecting our first hard frost and tomorrow night another one to boot. I'm in a predicament. My gardens are quite large, and if I were to be home, I would cover them with garden quilt both nights to see if I could thwart the coming of deep autumn. But I will be on the road and so have to let the gardens complete their cycle.

Today I will pick the rest of the ripe tomatoes for sauce, the green tomatoes for chutneys; the tomatillos and peppers will go in a bag in the fridge until I return home next week and can turn them into salsa for the winter. The lettuces will suffer as I do not have time to erect one of my tunnels over them--how did it get to be fall so soon? I did get the tunnels up over a bed of chiles and over the artichokes, so they'll be okay. I've picked the onions, the winter squash, the potatoes, and put them in their cool storage area. The eggplant that's left will join the tomatillos in the fridge, and so on. Today will be busy!

fall garden

At least the carrots, the leeks and the kale will love this turn--they will sweeten up and make for some fabulous fall soups from the Eating Well repertoire.

When I return from my trip, I will pull out what has been frozen and get the garlic and shallots planted for next year. Ah, there, my planting is not done!

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