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Summer Solstice in the Garden

By Barbara Ganley, June 21, 2011 - 9:01am

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I grew up with a mother who gathered wildflowers and herbs on the summer solstice to dry over the year for burning the following solstice with wishes for a bountiful harvest, a healthy year to come, and harmony in the universe. I still gather the flowers and herbs. in the same way.

I also revel in the garden itself on this long, long day. Today was a gorgeous day, brilliant with sunshine and warmth, and so I spent as much of it as I could outside weeding, planting (yes, I'll be planting for weeks yet--today I planted several kinds of beans (filet and shell), chard, nasturtiums, and transplanted more basil and peppers and rosemary) and harvesting. And then we cooked up the bounty--wonderful! We picked peas and potatoes, radicchio and escarole and garlic scapes, lettuces and herbs, edible flowers and carrots and beet greens. There's much to come in the garden, of course, but these firsts are amazing--there's really nothing more delicious than the first baby potatoes steamed lightly and sprinkled with fresh herbs. They are gifts.

Gathering the fruits of the garden's labors is one of the true joys of this solstice.

I hope your garden is offering you its treasures, too!

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