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Are you harvesting anything from your garden yet?

By Barbara Ganley, May 17, 2011 - 5:11pm

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First thing I do every spring/summer/fall morning (even in the rain) is head to the gardens and orchard to see how everything is doing--and (hopefully) to plan dinner around what's ready for picking. Recently the rain has been my constant companion out there to the delight of some garden denizens and to the dismay of many.

The fruit trees, for instance, took a hard hard hit last spring when we had a late frost after an early flowering. I think I picked a dozen pears and apples in all, a few apricots and plums and half the cherries I normally get. It was a disaster. This winter was mild and so now in mid-May the trees are heavy with blossoms--too heavy in fact. Few bees buzz around in such weather, and the flowers are sinking to the ground, I'm afraid, before they've been pollinated. It might well be another bad fruit year.

But in the raised beds, life is good. All the water drains out pretty well even in this, the wettest of springs on record--and we still have a month of spring and a soggy forecast ahead of us. The lettuces and greens and favas and peas and cauliflower and broccoli love the cool mist. They are singing in the rain.

And that's good for the dinner table, for tonight I'll pick baby radishes, lettuces, endive, sorrel, herbs (chervil, mint, chives, marjoram, oregano and lemon thyme) for a delectable salad. How about you? What are you picking at this point? What's just about ready for picking?

Are you harvesting anything from your garden yet? Tell us what you think below.

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Barbara asks: Are you harvesting anything from your garden yet?

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