Herb Savor

By: Hilary Meyer
Keep summer herbs fresher longer with the Herb-Savor from Prepara.
Fresh herbs abound in the summer, but once they’re plucked from the garden or taken home from the farmers’ market, it’s hard to keep them from withering away in the refrigerator. That’s why we like the Herb-Savor from Prepara. Its sturdy plastic exterior keeps herbs protected from the harsh environment of the fridge, while a small water well at the bottom keeps them hydrated.
Herbs stay fresh for up to three weeks and it even keeps asparagus crisp. The Herb-Savor is available for $29.95 at prepara.com along with products like the Trio—a vegetable peeler that includes three exchangeable blades designed to peel and even julienne fruits and vegetables. Prepara products are also available at Bed Bath & Beyond and Sur la Table.