Sizzling Summer Salads: Grilled Salads Take Summer Dinners to the Next Level

By: Carolyn Malcoun  |  May/June 2012
Lighter than typical grilled foods, these delicious summer salads will inspire you all season long.
Technically it’s still spring but in my mind summer’s already here. I’ve opened the windows and put away the down comforter, said goodbye to winter cords and welcomed flip-flops back into my life. I’m eager to walk the dogs as the sun rises and linger on my porch as the sun sets. I can’t get enough of the long days this time of year.
Of course, at some point, I still have to make dinner. Sure, I could cook up a cheeseburger, but let me propose a lighter, fresher meal: a dinner salad made on the grill. Grilling gives the ingredients a hint of smoke, a touch of char, that regular salads just don’t have. I like to make my dinner salads with protein, so I throw chicken, steak, even calamari or tempeh on the grill. I don’t stop there: veggies and fruit go on too. And sometimes I add sturdier lettuces to give them a little bite.
Take my Chopped Tandoori Chicken Salad: I skewer grape tomatoes to grill alongside marinated chicken. As they cool, I toss chickpeas, romaine and cucumber with a spiced yogurt dressing, then chop up the chicken, toss everything together and—voilà—dinner is served! All without turning on my stove. As my husband and I sit on the porch in the fading light, we dig into that salad, knowing it’s just the beginning of our favorite season and we will have many, many more days just like this to enjoy.
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