Sure, any old cup will do, but fancy cocktail glasses can make your drink feel that much more special. Here are our favorite glasses right now for celebrating cocktail hour.

Victoria Seaver, M.S., R.D.
July 17, 2020
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We all seem to be enjoying our cocktail hours a lot more since COVID-19 has all us staying home more and doing virtual or socially distant happy hours with friends and family. And it also seems like we're exploring more with what we make. Rather than plain old beer and wine, we're stepping out and trying new concoctions, like the Whipped White Russian and even the oh-so-gorgeous and unique Prickly Pear Margaritas (pictured above). While any old cup will do, fancy cocktail glasses can make your drink feel that much more special. Here are our favorite glasses right now for celebrating cocktail hour.

Classy Cocktail Glasses to Step-Up Happy Hour

Some of these finds are super cheap—like the flirty, pink-tinted coupe glasses below that are on sale for $1 right now—while others are a little more high-end. The nice part about cocktail glasses like these are that you may only need to buy one or two, to use as your own personal glass for when you want to feel fancy, versus something less-special you may use for parties. Read on to see our favorites right now.

Classic Coupes

This glass always reminds me of movies, like James Bond or the Great Gatsby, for their elegant and vintage look. Traditionally used for Champagne or sparkling wines, I also use my coupe glasses for any cocktail served neat (without ice), like the yummy Bee's Knees Cocktail.

Buy it! Pink Palm Acrylic Cocktail Glass,, $1 for one (orig. $8.50)

Buy it! Schott Zwiesel Note Coupe Glasses, $9 for 1 (orig. $14)

Tantalizing Tumblers

Whether you use it for a Classic Negroni, a Margarita or something different, like a jazzed-up Mai Tai, having a fun tumbler (or a few) in your cabinet makes these already fun cocktail even more fun. Here's what we're digging right now.

Buy it! Schott Zwiesel Distil Whiskey Glasses (Set of 2),, $38

Buy it! Blue Pheasant Duncan Tumbler (Set of 6),, $138 for set of 6

Buy it! Cane Tumbler,, $12 for 1

High-Class High Balls

These large glasses are used for cocktails, like this Lavendar-Cucumber Gin & Tonic or a Tequila Sunrise, which are best enjoyed with lots of ice for a cool and refreshing sipper. These with their unique designs are a fun way to enjoy these types of fresh cocktails.

Buy it! Vance Cut-Glass Highball Glass,, $13 for 1

Buy it! Cut Highball Glasses (Set of 2),, $45 for 2

Stylish & Stemless

Different from the stemmed glasses you see more often, these stemless ones are a cute alternative way to sip your wine. And a bonus is that they're harder to knock over! Whether you fill them with wine or a fancy cocktail of sorts, they're good glasses to keep on hand.

Buy it! (Basically) Stemless French Wine Glass,, $6 for 1

Buy it! Rings 7-oz. Glass,, $2 for 1

Buy it! Gilded Rim Stemless Glass,, $24 for 1