Walk, don’t run! This Aldi find won’t last long.

Jaime Milan
May 22, 2020
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Aldi is known for their inexpensive groceries, award-winning wine and innovative snacks (hello, carrot cake hummus). But only true fans of the German grocer know that the monthly “Aldi Finds” are where you can find all of the hidden gems and cool seasonal products. And June’s Aldi Finds definitely did not disappoint. Aldi announced that they’ll be selling fiddle leaf fig trees for $7.99. (Yes, you read that right—only $7.99!)

Aldi; Getty / Sean Gallup

If you’ve been eyeing fiddle leaf fig trees, you know how expensive they can be (I paid $60 for mine and thought that was a good deal!). Granted, the one Aldi is selling is a baby at only 10 inches, but fiddle leaf figs can grow pretty quickly—up to 6 feet tall—in ideal conditions. All they require is a sturdy container (this feathered pot from Terrain is absolutely gorgeous), a sunny spot and some TLC. 

For $7.99 each, you can pick up a few of these fiddle leaf fig trees to green up your space for summer. They hit Aldi stores on June 10, so mark your calendar—we promise they won’t last long!