Our annual American Food Heroes list honors 10 people doing amazing things to make food better in our country—whether it's through uniting cultures through food, finding innovative ways to feed the hungry or thinking outside the box to reduce food waste.

Jane Black
June 07, 2019

EatingWell's 3rd annual list, compiled with the help of a team of experts, honors 10 people shaking up the food world in exciting and impactful ways. They're making school lunches more nutritious. They're eliminating plastic straws from our landfills and oceans. They're using the influential platform of "Big Food" to make changes-like phasing out antibiotic use in chickens-that shockwave the industry and effect an even bigger change. And they're as passionate as we are about continually pushing to make food better in our country.

Anthony Bourdain

Celebrity Chef, Author and TV Host

United cultures through food.

Chef Ann Cooper

Founder of the Chef Ann Foundation and Director of Food SErvices, Boulder Valley School District

Making school food good food.

James Rogers

Founder and CEO, Apeel Sciences

Innovating the fight against food waste.

Beth Robertson-Martin

Director of Commodities and Pollinator Council Lead, General Mills

Championing pollinators.

George Siemon

Founding Farmer and Former CEO, Organic Valley

Crusading for better organic standards.

Rebecca Zimmer

Global Director of Environment, Starbucks

Saving plastic straws from landfills.

Colleen Lindholz

President, Kroger Health

Supporting better grocery choices.

Jim Perdue

Executive Chairman, Perdue Farms

Leading the antibiotics-free charge.

Pete Malinowski

Executive Director, The Billion Oyster Project

Restoring healthy waterways.

Lauren Puryear

Extreme Couponer and Founder of For the Love of Others

Helping the hungry, one coupon at a time.