Run—Don't Walk—to Grab These New Healthy Trader Joe's Products

By: Lisa Valente, M.S., R.D.

Trader Joe's is one of my favorite places to grocery shop. It has great prices on a lot of my favorite foods. And while I often go to Trader Joe's for certain healthy staples, it's always fun to see what new products the trendsetting store has recently released. Here are some of the new foods to watch out for the next time you head to Trader Joe's.

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1. Peanut Butter Protein Granola

peanut butter granola

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As a peanut butter and chocolate lover, this new granola sounds too good to be true. The extra protein, 11 grams per serving, comes from added pea protein. This would be great sprinkled over plain Greek yogurt with some chopped apple mixed in.

2. Riced Cauliflower Stir-Fry

rice cauliflower

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Sure, you can buy cauliflower and make your own rice at home or buy some premade cauliflower rice and jazz it up with flavor. Or you could take this new product from Trader Joe's, heat and add some protein for dinner. This new product is one of the most appealing bags of frozen vegetables we've seen in a long time and has only 50 calories in a 1-cup serving. (Veggie power!)

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3. Kohlrabi Salad Blend

kohlrabi salad

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There are 4 ingredients in this salad blend—kohlrabi, red cabbage, kale and beets—which means no weird fillers or added salt or sugar and just a lot of powerhouse nutrients. The bitterness of the greens is balanced by the sweetness of the beets. If you've never tried kohlrabi, this is a great way to enjoy the root vegetable. Use this mix in wraps, add to power grain bowls or just add your favorite salad dressing for a super-easy meal or side.

4. Gochujang-Flavored Almonds

gochujuang almonds

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Gochujang is a spicy Korean chile paste and is a great condiment to add a ton of flavor to your cooking. These almonds have that spicy tang we love and only 65 mg of sodium per serving, plus all the protein and healthy fats the almonds deliver. Just be warned: they're addictive.

5. Sparkling Water

sparkling water

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We know, there are other brands of flavored seltzer, but these bottles retail for only 99 cents each. The new flavors include Cranberry Clementine and Island Colada. They're begging to be mixed into drinks or with a splash of juice, but they're also delicious on their own. You'll just have to try them all and choose your favorite.

6. Ranch-Seasoned Crispy Chickpeas

ranch chickpeas

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If you were ever a fan of a certain ranch-flavored chip, these crunchy chickpeas are a healthier alternative you need to try. With 6 grams of protein and 130 calories in a 1/4-cup serving, this new product makes a satisfying snack or fun salad topper.

7. Organic Sprouted Tricolor Quinoa


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Trader Joe's has always offered quinoa, one of our favorite protein-rich whole grains, at an awesome price. This new bag just adds a little more variety to the mix with white, red and black quinoa all-in-one. The colorful blend would make great salads or an eye-catching side dish on its own.

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8. Avocado Citrus Greek Yogurt

avocado yogurt

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This new find combines two of our favorite things: avocado and Greek yogurt. Savory yogurts are a huge trend and TJ's nails it with this slightly sweet and tart blend of avocado and blood orange. While it's a little high in added sugar—there are 12 grams, or around 4 teaspoons—it's certainly a treat worth trying.


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