The 4 Knife Skills You Need to Look Like a Pro

By: EatingWell Editors  |  November/December 2016

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Ready to step up your chef game? Whether you're just whipping up easy meals or ready to flaunt your Instagram-worthy creations on the internet, these are the 4 basic knife skills every cook needs to know to be safe, make stunning dishes and, of course, look like a pro when your friends are watching.

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1. Get a Power Grip


power grip

Cradle the knife in the crease of your hand, with your thumb and index finger around the junction where the blade and handle meet.


2. Be Efficient


be efficient

Keep the tip of the knife in one place and rock the knife up and down to slice. To mince, add a side-to-side motion, with the tip still in place.

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3. Stop the Roll


stop the roll

Cut off a small sliver on one side of a round vegetable or fruit so it will lie flat and won't roll away as you cut it.

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4. Protect Fingers


protect fingers

Curl fingertips inward to create a C-shape. You'll protect your fingertips, plus your knuckles act as a guide for the side of the knife to rest on as you slice.

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