How A Personal Trainer Helped Lorraine Papazian-Boyce Lose 150 Pounds

By: Lucy M. Casale  |  January/February 2017  |  Transformations: Get Inspired! 3 Amazing Weight Loss Stories

Stress Less, Lose Weight

At 301 pounds, 5'7" Lorraine could barely walk up her driveway. "I knew I had to make changes, but was struggling to do so." When a personal trainer opened for business in her small town of Belfair, WA, Lorraine signed up for a session. Two and a half years later, she'd dropped 147 pounds. "I can run a 5K and am in the best shape of my life!"

Pictured: Lorraine Papazian-Boyce, 61, before & after losing 150 pounds.

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How She Did It

Working with a personal trainer helped keep her focused. "I did things I could not—and would not—have done on my own." At first, Lorraine went to training sessions twice a week and walked every other day. Now she trains once a week and takes fitness classes twice weekly. She also shoots for at least 10,000 daily steps with a Fitbit.
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What Keeps Her Motivated

"My husband and I like to travel. Now when we go on trips I don't worry 'Oh, I can't go too far.' I can go out and walk wherever we want."

On Logging Her Food

"My personal trainer suggested using MyFitness Pal to log my food. When I started, it was very helpful. It's been two years since I logged on a daily basis, but now I think about what I'm eating."

On Starting a Fitness Journal

"This has helped me tremendously. I take progress pictures every three months and put them in. I log my measurements, my weight and new accomplishments at my workouts. When I'm feeling overwhelmed or discouraged, I can look back and see how far I've come."

Transform-Your-Life Adivice

"Don't wait until you feel motivated to buy proper food or go to the gym. Just do it. Have a plan. Follow it."
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