How Todd Lingo Lost Over 100 Pounds

By: Lucy M. Casale  |  January/February 2017  |  Transformations: Get Inspired! 3 Amazing Weight-Loss Stories

From Eating Fast-Food to Cooking Healthy Recipes at Home

From Eating Fast-Food to Cooking Healthy Recipes at Home

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Todd raked through his entire closet one night in March 2012. Nothing fit. "I was so upset I started to cry, wondering 'What did I do to myself?' " Todd determined to change. Over the next 14 months, the Coventry, RI, resident lost 103 pounds. "I went from XXL to M."
Pictured: Todd Lingo, 45, before and after his 100 pound weight-loss transformation.
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How He Did It

Revamping his diet and exercise habits. An avid soda drinker and fast-food fan, Todd gave up both cold turkey. He fought cravings for weeks: "It was a huge challenge." Today, he cooks at home and looks to EatingWell for meal ideas. Todd also started walking, then graduated to running on a local bike path. Now he goes to a gym five days per week.
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On Cheat Meals

Once Todd lost a lot of weight, he started instituting a cheat meal one day a week. "A couple slices of pizza, some pasta. Once a week I'd get a little bit of something and that was enough. I think that's what really kept it going, because I wasn't depriving myself of everything."

Transform-Your-Life Advice

"I hear a lot of people say, 'It's so expensive to eat healthy.' It costs $5 to $8 for one meal at a drive-thru, but you can cook so many more healthy options for $8. The possibilities are endless!"

Favorite EatingWell Recipes

Spaghetti Squash Lasagna with Broccolini
Chicken Breasts Stuffed with Pimiento Cheese
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