Even the person who seemingly has it all can make use of these gift ideas like a snazzy new apron, beautiful serveware, a new way to measure ingredients or a beautiful cookbook jam-packed with veggies. Your gift list starts here.

Breana Lai
November 07, 2018

Whether the cooks in your life have always been passionate about cooking or are just starting to learn, these gifts will add a little pizzazz to their kitchen.

Rifle Paper Co x Hedley & Bennett Apron, $99

Uber stylish and incredibly functional, this is the ultimate apron for the cook who wants durability and fashion all-in-one. Brass hardware paired with a towel loop and all the pockets you'll need for sharpies, thermometers and your iphone-I'm not sure there is a more beloved apron of chefs and home cooks alike (plus, there's a kid-size available, too!).

The Original Baking Steel, starting at $89

Inspired by Nathan Myhrvold, aka the former chief technology officer at Microsoft, and his scientific quest to produce "the most delicious, technically exquisite food," the Baking Steel is the ultimate pizza stone due to it's impeccable conductivity. Thinner than a traditional baking stone, you'll need less heat to evenly cook your thin crust pizza on the grill, on the stove or in the oven.

Work Sharp Culinary Electric Knife Sharpener, $199

If you're a daily cook, you know how important sharp knives are for easy prep. This automatic-timing knife sharpener takes the guess work out of "should I keep going" for perfectly sharp knives without taking off too much material. Using a flexible sharpening belt with a built in vacuum for keeping any debris out of our kitchen, this sharpener even works on serrated knives, kitchen scissors and poultry shears. However dull your knife may be, this machine will get it back to like-new condition.

Just Ripe Fruit Bowl, $65

Soften avocadoes in half the time with this ingenious fruit bowl. Hard-as-rock fruit is nestled in the bottom glass bowl, then topped with a custom, slightly-vented maple tray to allow for optimal ripening. Made in Vermont, this smart storage makes a pretty display for your healthy produce.

Japanese Butter Knife, $28

Everyone needs to have one of these genius butter knives in their utensil drawer. It magically turns cold, hard butter into a spreadable dream thanks to the small grooves that turn butter into small, soft ribbons.

Butter Pat Polished Cast Iron Pan, starting at $145

I've used this pan every day since it arrived into my kitchen. Thinner on the sides but heavy bottomed, the gorgeous Butter Pat cast iron pans are lighter, smoother and naturally non-stick. With a 100-year guarantee, this pan is the ultimate gift for any new or seasoned cook.

Ottolenghi Simple: A Cookbook, $35

From the man who inspired millions to stock their pantries with sumac, preserved lemons and pomegranate molasses comes a cookbook that (finally) keeps the recipes simple but the flavor booming. Thirty minutes or less and 10 or fewer ingredients, this is the ultimate book for the home cook wanting to get a healthy, Middle-Eastern-inspired meal on the table fast.

Best All-Purpose Spoon, Old World Kitchen, from $79

You know that one wooden spoon you reach for ever time you cook? And when you can't find it, you go digging through the kitchen drawers wondering who put it away in the wrong spot? That's this spoon. Long enough for keeping your hand cool as you saute and wide enough to scrape up all the browned bits from the bottom of the pan. It's even got the looks to be a serving spoon.