4 Healthy Packaged Snacks We're Loving Now

By: Lisa Valente, M.S., R.D.  |  Monday, October 10, 2016

Snacks are a big thing in the EatingWell office. Whether it's homemade treats from the Test Kitchen (perks of the job) or rummaging through a snack drawer, people are always snacking here. And that's a good thing: choosing healthy snacks with protein, fiber and nutrients helps make sure you fill up between meals, so you aren't tempted to overeat later in the day. Just don't go overboard on calories or sodium with your snack choices (watch out for that vending machine). Fresh fruit and cut-up vegetables—naturally low in calories, high in fiber and nutrient-packed—make great healthy snacks. We've got tons of healthy recipes for homemade snacks, but sometimes you need a more grab-and-go option. Here are 4 packaged snacks we are loving now in our office.

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Photo credit: The Good Bean
The Good Bean Crispy Crunchy Chickpeas: These roasted legumes satisfy that need for a crunch when hunger strikes. Plus with 5 grams of fiber and protein per serving, snacking on these chickpeas will help keep hunger at bay. They make a great protein-rich option for people with special diets or allergies, as they're free of dairy, gluten, nuts and soy, plus they're vegan. I'm partial to the Sea Salt version—by the handful or as a crouton substitute on salad—but they come in 6 other flavors, including Thai Coconut and Mesquite BBQ.—Lisa D'Agrosa, Digital Nutrition Editor

DIY Snack: Curried Chickpeas

Photo credit: Patagonia Provisions
Patagonia Provisions Jerky: Outdoor outfitter Patagonia has launched a new line of good-for-the planet, super-packable foods including tender, perfectly seasoned buffalo jerky made from 100% grass-fed, antibiotic- and hormone-free American bison ($10 for 2 ounces at patagoniaprovisions.com). Other backpack-worthy foods in the line include GMO-free fruit and nut bars, smoked wild sockeye salmon and a whole-grain dry soup mix inspired by Nepalese Sherpas. —Stacy Fraser, Test Kitchen Manager

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Dang Coconut Chips: With a mission to make healthy, sustainable whole-food snacks, Dang Coconut Chips sources organic coconuts from small farmers in Thailand to make its irresistibly munchable, big-flaked coconut chips (dangfoods.com). The Original Recipe is a real standout and we're excited about the Lightly Salted variety with no added sugar. But it's the sixth flavor, Salted Cacao, that really has us hooked. Eat them right out of the bag (like we do), jazz up your yogurt or blend them into your favorite trail mix. —Lucy M. Casale, Editorial Assistant
BelGioioso's Mini Ricotta Cups: When hunger hits, BelGioioso's Mini Ricotta Cups are a nice change-up from your Greek yogurt routine. The 5-ounce tub packs 16 grams of protein to help keep you feeling full, and you'll also get 70 percent of your daily quota for calcium. Enjoy one plain or treat it as a blank slate to add your favorite flavors. Swirl in maple syrup and top with berries or stir in herbs and use it to dip your carrots and celery. Whether you go sweet or savory, you'll be satisfied.—Breana Lai, Associate Food Editor