Make Healthy Happen Challenge: Let’s Get Started

By: Lisa Valente, M.S., R.D.  |  Friday, January 1, 2016

We want you to make 2016 your healthiest year yet. Join us January 4-29 for the Make Healthy Happen Challenge. We’ll be offering tips, recipes, dinner plans and inspiration to make healthy happen.
Pictured Recipe: Escarole & White Bean Salad with Swordfish
Welcome to the Make Healthy Happen Challenge. It’s our first week and a fresh start for the new year. We’ve designed the challenge to help you kick-start your goals and stay motivated this month. Don’t forget to take a peek at the 500-calorie dinner plan for this week. Here is our first week of daily inspiration to help you get started, tackle your excuses, get healthy and lose weight.
Day 1: Start getting healthier and track your progress with apps, the scale and photos.
Day 2: It’s time to make a plan. Here’s how to break it down.
Day 3: If you love food (sometimes too much), this is the perfect trick for you.
Day 4: No time to cook? No problem—we’ve got you covered!
Day 5: Have you ever uttered the words “I hate going to the gym”? Here’s our solution.
Day 6: If it’s willpower you’re lacking, today’s tip helps you set yourself up for success.
Day 7: Remember: diets don’t work. So here’s what we recommend instead.