How to Make Quiche Healthy

Try these 4 tricks from our test kitchen for how to make quiche healthier but still great tasting.

I love hosting brunch for friends, but I don’t like to get up extra early to cook. Quiche with a flaky crust—as pretty as it is delicious—is my solution. It can be made ahead and is just as flavorful served warm or at room temperature. But as perfect as quiche is for entertaining, it’s hard to celebrate its healthfulness. So, we’ve given it a makeover. We start with a healthier crust, add lots of vegetables and pour in a lighter egg filling. Like the classics? Try Ham & Swiss Quiche. Or for a taste of the Southwest, layer in corn, cherry tomatoes and pickled jalapeños. And because quiche is so satisfying, you’ll want to try these recipes for lunch or a light supper too. No matter how you slice it, you’re on your way to a better quiche.

—Stacy Fraser, Test Kitchen Manager

Here are 4 steps to healthier quiche:

4 Secrets to Healthy Homemade Quiche

Step 1: Start with a Healthier Crust

Make a crust with half whole-wheat flour, replace some of the butter with heart-healthy olive oil and add a little sour cream to keep it flaky and tender. When you make your own, you’ll skip the unhealthy fats, preservatives and artificial color found in many store-bought crusts.

Recipe to Try: Healthy Quiche Crust

4 Secrets to Healthy Homemade Quiche

Step 2: Layer in Big Flavor with Caramelized Onions

Spread a rich-tasting layer of this secret ingredient in the bottom of any quiche to add sweet and savory flavor instead of piling in the large amount of cheese found in most recipes.

4 Secrets to Healthy Homemade Quiche

Step 3: Use Plenty of Veggies & Lean Protein

Add variety (and nutrients) with chopped vegetables and lean protein. And you don’t have to skip less-healthy ingredients, such as rich cheeses or salty cured meats, just use them sparingly as an accent flavor.

4 Secrets to Healthy Homemade Quiche

Step 4: Skip the Cream & Drop Some Yolks

Make a filling using a combination of whole eggs and egg whites. (Egg whites have just 16 calories and no fat compared to 54 calories and 5 grams of fat in each yolk.) Swap in low-fat milk for the heavy cream and add a touch of sour cream to keep the mixture luxuriously rich.