Comfort Food Makeover Challenge

Comfort Food Makeover Challenge

Comfort Food Makeover Challenge

You don't have to give up your favorite comfort foods because you're trying to eat healthy. With a few healthy ingredient swaps and cooking tweaks, your favorite comfort foods can be transformed into healthier, even more delicious versions of the recipes you love. Join us during our Comfort Food Makeover Challenge—for the next 14 days we'll be cooking up lighter versions of our favorite comfort foods and offering up healthier cooking tips and recipes for these high-calorie favorites. So dig in and enjoy your favorite comfort foods, with all their great taste—and none of the guilt.

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Healthy Comfort Food Recipes:

Comfort Food Makeover Tips

Want to enjoy your favorite comfort foods without the guilt? Try these cooking tips from the EatingWell Test Kitchen to make your favorite recipes healthier:

1. Trim the fat in your lasagna by swapping pork sausage with this tasty substitute.
5 Secrets to Healthier Lasagna


2. Replace your regular pasta with this for more fiber and nutrients.
4 Simple Tips to Make Healthier Pasta Salad


3. Do this to your hamburger bun & patty to cut 400 calories from your next burger.
How to Cut 400 Calories From Your Hamburger Without Noticing


4. Keep French Silk Pie luscious and rich without a drop of heavy cream with this magic ingredient.
8 Ways to Make French Silk Pie Healthier


5. Cut the calories in mac and cheese by 59% by following these 4 tips.
How to Make Mac and Cheese Healthier


6. Replace some of the meat in your meatloaf with one of these fat-free protein powerhouses.
How to Make Meatloaf Healthier


7. A delicious chocolate chip cookie with 66% less saturated fat? Swap out butter for a surprising ingredient.
4 Secrets to a Healthier Chocolate Chip Cookie


8. Cut 380 calories from guacamole, chips & margaritas to party without extra calories using 3 tricks.
3 Tricks for Skinny Margaritas, Guacamole & Chips


9. Beat the Colonel with this low-fat fried chicken. 4 tips to drop the fat down to 7 grams.
How to Make Fried Chicken Healthier


10. Sneak these "berries" into your chili to boost fiber, B vitamins and magnesium.
8 Tricks for the Best Healthy Chili


11. Replace 1 cup of ricotta with this in your stuffed shells to cut 381 calories and 31 grams of fat.
4 Ways to Make Stuffed Shells Healthier


12. Slash the calorie count of cheesecake by more than half with 3 simple tricks.
3 Tips for Healthier, Lighter Cheesecake


13. Make spaghetti and meatballs with 65% less saturated fat.
5 Secrets to Healthier Meatballs and Spaghetti


14. Make a delicious, crispy-crust grilled cheese sandwich without butter and with much less saturated fat.
5 Secrets to Make a Grilled Cheese Sandwich Healthier