Sugarfina now sells a box of kosher-certified sweets to help you celebrate Hanukkah.

Lauren Wicks
October 09, 2019

Food- and drink-related Christmas advent calendars are becoming quite the trend for the 2019 holiday season, and it's not even November yet. All our favorite retailers—like Aldi, Costco and Trader Joe's—are offering a host of calendars for both humans and our pets. And now, those who celebrate Hanukkah can join in on the calendar fun too.

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Sugarfina has just added a new calendar to their lineup of holiday gifts—the 8 Nights of Light Hanukkah Tasting Collection. This box comes with eight drawers, each filled with popular candies that are all kosher-certified. From Robin's Egg Caramels to Mint Chip Milkshake malt balls, we're pretty sure you're going to love all eight varieties!

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Each drawer comes with four candies, so it's the perfect way for a family to celebrate each night of Hanukkah together, but we certainly won't judge if you want these babies all for yourself. This box is just $20, so it makes a great gift for a friend or a budget-friendly way to treat yourself.

Buy it: Sugarfina 8 Nights of Light Hanukkah Tasting Collection, $20