We started the EatingWell garden last summer in a field next to our old building in Charlotte, Vermont. Check out what we did, what we grew and how the garden progressed through the summer.
By Hilary Meyer, Associate Editor/Food and Carolyn Malcoun, Contributing Food Editor

Let's get stated!

Russ & Hilary stripping sod

Go Dan Go

How much of this do we have to take off?

Kayla & Dixie

Look, they're helping, they cleared that stick out of the way. Good dogs.

Russ Breaking Ground

Our husbands were excited to pick up the shovel and get going at removing the sod from our plot.

Dan & the tiller

Once our plot was free of the dead sod, we got to breaking up the soil with a tiller we rented - also very hard work.

The garden is taking shape!

Once the tilling was done, we got some help from friends and family turning over the soil and got it ready to make into raised beds.

Dan & Carolyn take a break

Is it done yet? Carolyn and Dan take a water break while Kayla the dog wonders when they'll be getting back to work.

A fine day's work

Hilary Building Beds

Don't they look pretty?

We got beds!

This is where things really started to come together. We made our raised beds and spread straw between them to curb weed growth. Looking good!

Almost time to plant!

It's almost time to plant! We put up a fence to keep the animals away from our hard work.

Russ plants the onions and carrots

Finally! The last frost has passed and we put some onions and carrots in the ground.

Pass the peas!

Our peas our starting to take off. . .

Onion and carrots a few weeks later

The onion and carrot bed was growing like crazy!

Garden goodness

Melons loving the heat

Melons love the heat. Sometime we don't get enough of it in Vermont so we put down this black plastic to raise the temperature of the bed a few degrees.

It's come a long way!

It's hard to believe that only a few months ago, this was just a plot of dead grass. Everything is thriving here in mid-summer.

Pretty Potatoes

As the potatoes grew under the soil, they put out the most beautiful flowers. These are from our purple potatoes.

Savoy cabbage

Hilary in the Garden

Dixie thinks its hot enough

Dixie takes a break in the shade of the plants that are growing ever faster in what turned out to be a great gardening season.

Pea Teepee

A great way to grow peas!

Fast forward a few weeks . . .

Here are our peas a few weeks later. We ate A LOT of peas!

Early harvest

Cukes, radishes, potatoes and peas


A single day's harvest

Crazy Carrot

'Nuff said.

Late Summer Bounty

Carolyn with a huge harvest in late summer.

Colorful carrots

Self "portrait" with tomatoes

Carolyn with a big bowl of freshly harvested colorful tomatoes