Homemade Pizza

By: Liza Nowak  |  September/October 2011  |  EatingWell’s Pizza Smack-Down

How to make pizza healthier and cheaper than pizza delivery.

How to make pizza healthier and cheaper than pizza delivery.
Say goodbye to takeout pizza—our homemade pizza recipe is healthier, cheaper and just as quick. After our latest delivery of greasy, lukewarm takeout pizza, I made a bet with my fiancé, Andrew: using EatingWell’s new recipe for homemade pizza, I could make a pie that was healthier, cheaper and tastier than takeout, and it would be on his plate as fast as delivery. If I pulled it off, I’d be in charge of pizza night from then on, but if I couldn’t, he’d get to pick the toppings for the next month . . . and he likes anchovies.
In just 20 minutes, I made a batch of Thin-Crust Whole-Wheat Dough, set it to rise and popped it in the refrigerator. The next night at 7:00, Andrew called to order a sausage-and-pepper pizza for delivery while I rolled out my dough. By 7:15, the dough was topped with sauce, turkey sausage, fennel and cheese and in the oven. I tossed a salad together while it baked and by 7:30 I was pulling a beautiful pie out of the oven—just as the delivery boy rang our doorbell.
The tie-breaker was this: my EatingWell pizza was 209 calories less per two-slice serving, had half the fat and cost only $6.38 compared to our $20 (plus $3 tip) takeout. Plus, with its crunchy fennel topping and super-crispy crust, even Andrew agreed it was more delicious. So I won the bet, and you can guess who will be missing his anchovies when pizza night rolls around.