Slim down with our summer weight-loss challenge

Are you ready to lose weight and feel great this summer? We've got a 7-day jump-start plan for you to refresh your healthy eating habits to slim down for summer with daily tips and recipes.

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Day 2

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Day 7

Watch These to Get Started

A Surefire Way to Lose Weight

Skinny Breakfasts to Eat

Eat This Food to Boost Metabolism

Foods to Help Flatten Your Stomach

Best Diet Recipes:

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7 Days of Summer Slim-Down Tips

Daily tips to help you lose weight.

Day 1: Make a Plan

Day 2: Load Up On Fruits and Vegetables

Day 3: Drink Plenty of Water

Day 4: Get 8 Hours of Sleep

Day 5: Treat Yourself (Occasionally)

Day 6: Be a Slim Snacker

Day 7: Get Right Back on Track When You Slip Up