500-Calorie Dinners Meal Plan: Week 2

Honey-Soy Broiled Salmon

Pictured Recipe: Honey-Soy Broiled Salmon

A week of healthy 500-calorie dinner ideas.

When it comes to losing weight and eating healthy, a meal plan can be your secret weapon for success because it helps you stick to your diet and calorie goals. This weeknight dinner meal plan of 500-calorie dinners, helps you plan your complete meal, including your main course dinner recipe, side dishes, desserts and drinks—all for 500 calories!

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Watch us make a 500-calorie meal

Honey-Soy Broiled Salmon

Pictured Recipe: Honey-Soy Broiled Salmon


Hot & Sour Slaw
64 calories
Honey-Soy Broiled Salmon
161 calories
Brown rice (½ cup) with 1 tsp. sesame oil and a squeeze of lime
149 calories
• White wine (5-ounce glass)
116 calories

TOTAL: 490 calories


Pictured Recipe: Borscht


191 calories
• Mixed greens (1½ cups) with 2 Tbsp. Goat Cheese & Tomato Dressing
102 calories
• Toasted whole-grain baguette (2 inches)
132 calories
Chewy Chocolate Cookies
68 calories

TOTAL: 493 calories

Flemish Beef Stew

Pictured Recipe: Flemish Beef Stew


Flemish Beef Stew
303 calories
• Whole-wheat orzo (½ cup)
87 calories
Brussels Sprouts with Bacon-Horseradish Cream
80 calories

TOTAL: 470 calories

Pan-Roasted Chicken & Gravy

Pictured Recipe: Pan-Roasted Chicken & Gravy


TOTAL: 479 calories