5 Tips for How to Make Jello Naturally

Pictured Recipe: Sangria Jello

Treat your friends and family to healthier homemade jello with our step-by-step instructions for how to make jello.

If you hear the word "Jell-O" and remember neon-red blobs on a school lunch tray, think again. With a few simple steps you can make your own homemade jello packed with fresh fruit and fruit juice to make a healthier and tastier treat. Here are 5 easy steps to help you make perfect homemade jello every time.

—Patti Cook, M.S., Ed.D

Dissolve Gelatin Well

1. Dissolve Gelatin Well

Soften for 3 minutes in water; then stir for 1 full minute after adding sugar and hot liquids. This method ensures that the gelatin dissolves completely.

Get Your Chill On

2. Get Your Chill On

Before adding the gelatin to the mold, chill the mixture until it’s the consistency of thin pudding, but don’t let it set completely or your jello will be lumpy.

Decorate Like a Pro

Decorate Like a Pro

Add 1/2 inch of gelatin mix to mold, then nestle Fruit Decoration into the gelatin. It helps hold the fruit in place and makes a pretty design on the top of the finished mold.

4. Is It Ready?

To test if your dessert is ready to unmold, press a finger into the top. If jello sticks to your finger, it needs more chilling. It’s ready when “the finger test” is clean.

Unmolding with Ease

5. Unmolding with Ease

Dip the mold just up to its rim in a bowl of warm water for 10 seconds. If the jello doesn’t slide out of the mold easily, dip it into the water again.