Super Snacks

By: Carolyn Malcoun  |  January/February 2009

Be an MVP and serve these healthier chips and dips on game day.

Be an MVP and serve these healthier chips and dips on game day.
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Forget Thanksgiving or Christmas: Super Bowl Sunday is my favorite holiday. I’ve been watching football since I was a little kid and no matter who’s playing, the big game is cause for celebration every year. My husband and I have a houseful of friends and a huge spread of food. Chips and dips are always on the menu—they’re easy to make and they’re easy to huddle around. But this year I’ll make healthier versions of some of my favorites. I’ll help keep tight ends tight with lower-fat, warm and gooey queso dip and zesty baked Chile-Lime Tortilla Chips. Spinach dip always scores a touchdown—and everyone will love scooping it up with homemade whole-wheat pita chips. I’ll stay away from dips that use boxed, high-sodium dry mixes with dehydrated vegetables and win over friends with the rich flavor of our French Onion Dip made with real onions—especially when served with the crunchiest-ever potato chips, made in the microwave instead of a deep fryer. I know that regardless of who wins the game, I’ll score points with my fellow fans with these healthy game-day favorites.
The average football fan takes in an estimated 1,200 calories while watching the big game, so pass on store-bought snacks that are loaded with fat and sodium. Instead, try our healthier homemade chips and dips.