Best & worst frozen yogurt toppings

By: Kerri-Ann Jennings  |  Tuesday, July 3, 2012

When the weather got steamy this week, you can bet I made friends with an old summer standby: soft-serve frozen yogurt. Among the creamy frozen dessert choices, from frozen yogurt to super-premium ice cream, frozen yogurt is the healthiest option—5 ounces of frozen yogurt “costs” 120 calories, while the same amount of soft-serve ice cream has 220 calories. But if I pile on the wrong toppings I could nearly double the calorie total of my “healthy treat.”
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See how 10 popular frozen yogurt toppings stack up per tablespoon (about the size of a Ping-Pong ball) before your next treat:
Calories: 3
What else you get: Skin-firming vitamin C.
Calories: 5
What else you get: A burst of tropical flavor and some fiber.
Calories: 6
What else you get: A fruit to satisfy your sweet tooth, plus some vitamin A.
Low-Fat GranolaLow-Fat Granola
Calories: 24
What else you get: Adds crunch and fiber for few calories.
Calories: 45
What else you get: Calorie-dense, but heart-healthy.
Dark Chocolate ChipsDark Chocolate Chips
Calories: 50
What else you get: A candy, yes, redeemed by antioxidants.
Rainbow SprinklesRainbow Sprinkles
Calories: 60
What else you get: Fun colors, but full of artificial dyes.
Heath Bar PiecesHeath Bar Pieces
Calories: 75
What else you get: Added sugars and fat add up to extra calories.
Calories: 71
What else you get: A high-cal cookie crumble.
Peanut BrittlePeanut Brittle
Calories: 100
What else you get: Delivers some protein, plus salt and sugar.
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