Healthy Recipes

  1. Dinner Tonight

    Chicken Breasts with Green Chile-Almond Cream Sauce

    Here we topped seared chicken breasts with a green chile cream sauce that was...

  2. New Chicken Recipes!New Chicken Recipes!

    Welcome spring with fresh chicken recipes featuring tarragon, dill and sage.

  3. 28-Day Clean-Eating Plan for Spring28-Day Clean-Eating Plan

    A 4-week plan of healthy dinners to help you eat clean all month. Start today!

Editors' Picks

  1. 3 Low-Cal Lunches—Easy
    3 Low-Cal Lunches—Easy

    Three simple ideas for satisfying midday meals at work or home.

  2. Fish Dinner, in 20 Minutes! Fish for Dinner, in 20 Minutes!

    Healthy recipes for super-quick dinners, including a sublime Salmon with Pepita-Lime Butter and lightened-up Tuna Melt.

  3. “Unraveling Unraveling 'Gluten Free'

    The gluten-free trend keeps growing. But is it all hype? Here we untangle the facts.

Health & Weight Loss

  1. Slim Down with Spring FoodsSlim Down with Spring Foods

    Shed that winter layer with 4 foods that can help boost your weight loss.

  2. Lose It Fast! 7-Day Weight-Loss Meal PlansLose It Fast! 7-Day Weight-Loss Meal Plans

    Helpful guides with what to eat for every single delicious, slimming meal.

  3. High-Protein Power LunchesThe New Word on Carbs

    White bread is in the crosshairs of the draft USDA dietary guidelines. Nutrition editor Brierley Wright shares other reasons to love the new rules.

Food News

  1. Are Organic Greens Worth the Money?
    Are Organic Greens Worth the Money?

    A farmer offers advice on when—or why—you might choose to buy organic instead of non-organic vegetables.

  2. Chocolate's Bean-to-Bar MovementChocolate's Bean-to-Bar Movement

    What happens when chocolate makers in love with the craft of cocoa remove the middleman? Deliciousness.

  3. Grass-Fed Beef Farmers Pave a New WayGrass-Fed Beef Farmers Pave a New Way

    Brothers found a way to keep their family's 150-acre Pennsylvania farm in business, by feeding the cows better, for less.

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