Healthy Recipes

  1. Dinner Tonight

    Salmon & Asparagus Farro Bowl

    In this farro and salmon recipe, salmon is poached in a miso-infused broth with...

  2. Eat Clean! Free 28-Day PlanEat Clean! Free 28-Day Plan

    A 4-week plan of healthy dinners to help you eat clean all month. Start today!

  3. 1-Pot Supper = Easy Cleanup!1-Pot Supper = Easy Cleanup!

    Delicious meals that save time with speedy preparation–and they're a cinch to clean up.

Editors' Picks

  1. Fun Ideas for How to Eat More Vegetables
    Get Them to Eat More Carrots!

    Easy & family-tested ways to gobble up more veggies—in meatloaf, chili and more!

  2. Lemon-Drenched Chicken + More! Lemon-Drenched Chicken + More!

    Need a blast of refreshing zing? Boost your dinners with fresh, tangy lemon in these recipes.

  3. “Unraveling Unraveling 'Gluten Free'

    The gluten-free trend keeps growing. But is it all just hype? Here we untangle the facts.

Health & Weight Loss

  1. The Way to Go PaleoPaleo Tips to Borrow

    These 5 principles of the popular Paleo diet are worth adopting, our nutrition expert says.

  2. 6 Rules on What's OK to Eat Now6 Rules on What's OK to Eat Now

    Eggs are back! EatingWell's nutrition editor Brierley Wright shares why she likes the draft USDA dietary guidelines.

  3. High-Protein Power LunchesHigh-Protein Power Lunches

    Satisfying, filling lunches—like this Loaded Spinach Salad—will energize you through the midday slump.

Food News

  1. Can Going Gluten-Free Make You Thin?Can Going Gluten-Free Make You Thin?

    Gluten-free diets aren't a quick route to weight loss, despite their popularity. Here's why.

  2. Healthy Food on the Move!Healthy Food on the Move!

    You'll never guess how these amazing salads took Chicago.

  3. The Story on Natural Sweeteners
    The Story on Natural Sweeteners

    Wondering if honey, agave, maple syrup or other natural sweeteners are better for your body? The experts say...

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