Healthy Recipes

  1. Dinner Tonight

    Skillet Chicken with Cranberries & Apples

    Celebrate the flavors of fall with chicken cooked in a fast apple-cranberry...

  2. Healthy Comfort Foods for FallHealthy Comfort Foods for Fall

    When the temperature drops and the days get shorter, there's nothing better than easy, delicious comfort food.

  3. 20 Best Casseroles20 Best Casseroles

    Lightened-up casserole recipes that can be made ahead and reheated for an easy weeknight dinner.

Editors' Picks

  1. How to Pick a Perfect Apple
    How to Pick a Perfect Apple

    Find out the best varieties for eating and cooking.

  2. Pack a Healthy LunchPack a Healthy Lunch

    These recipes are budget-friendly to boot!

  3. 6 Swaps to Slash Added Sugar6 Swaps to Slash Added Sugar

    Plus learn why you crave it and where it hides.

Health & Weight Loss

  1. Lose Weight for GoodLose Weight for Good

    We dug up 13 proven ways to help you lose weight...and keep it off!

  2. The Scoop on ProteinThe Scoop on Protein

    Protein powders are hot! But are there benefits? And do you need them? Here's our take.

  3. Eat These for a Brighter Smile
    Eat These for a Brighter Smile

    Boost up your pearly whites with these 7 foods that are good for your teeth.

Food News

  1. Reduce Food Waste at HomeReduce Food Waste at Home

    5 tips to help you save your food (and money!) from the trash.

  2. The Best Ways to Cook Squash
    The Best Ways to Cook Squash

    From the farmers' market to your dinner plate, learn how to transform beautiful, heirloom squash into dinner.

  3. School Lunch Gets Healthier—and DeliciousSchool Lunch Gets Healthier—and Delicious

    Read about the real-life hero who worked to get kids healthier lunches at school.

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