Healthy Recipes

  1. Dinner Tonight

    Butternut Squash & Black Bean Tostadas

    The butternut squash-and-black bean base in these healthy vegetarian tostadas...

  2. Genius 30-Minute MealsGenius 30-Minute Meals

    Get dinner on the table fast with these 10-ingredients-or-less recipes.

  3. 20 Clean-Eating Lunches20 Clean-Eating Lunches

    Don't miss these low-calorie lunch recipes to help you clean up your diet.

Editors' Picks

  1. Cook Once, Eat TwiceCook Once, Eat Twice

    Stock your freezer with these crowd-pleasing recipes.

  2. Reduced-Fat vs. Natural Peanut Butter
    Reduced-Fat vs. Natural Peanut Butter

    Which is the healthier choice?

  3. What to Eat for a Healthy GutWhat to Eat for a Healthy Gut

    7 probiotic foods you should add to your grocery list.

Health & Weight Loss

  1. How to Eat to Lose Weight
    How to Eat to Lose Weight

    Our weight-loss expert gives helpful tips and strategies so you can eat well and slim down.

  2. How to Buy Healthy Frozen BurritosHow to Buy Healthy Frozen Burritos

    Need a convenient meal to stash away in the freezer? Here are our healthy tips to buy frozen burritos.

  3. 5 Reasons to Eat More Greens!5 Reasons to Eat More Greens!

    We love dark leafy greens and luckily they love us right back! Here are 5 super-healthy reasons to eat up.

Food News

  1. What's in Your Food?What's in Your Food?

    Do you know what these strange-sounding ingredients are?

  2. Where the GMO Foods AreWhere the GMO Foods Are

    Learn the top sources of GMO foods in the produce aisle and beyond.

  3. Top Memory-Boosting Foods
    Top Memory-Boosting Foods

    What you eat can help keep your brain a little sharper. Here are 3 foods to load up on.

  4. Fair Food TomatoesFair Food Tomatoes

    Learn more about who picks tomatoes and the importance of organizations that support farmworkers.

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