Healthy Recipes

  1. Dinner Tonight

    Quick Risotto with Shrimp, Corn & Edamame

    In this healthy, quick risotto recipe, we use instant brown rice instead of...

  2. Easy Slow-Cooker Soups and StewsEasy Slow-Cooker Soups and Stews

    Prepare healthy and affordable meals without spending lots of time in the kitchen.

  3. 10 Most Popular Chicken Recipes10 Most Popular Chicken Recipes

    Looking for new delicious ways to serve chicken for dinner? Start here!

Editors' Picks

  1. Happy Foods
    Happy Foods

    Did you know that certain foods can actually help lift your spirits?

  2. Pack a Healthy LunchCanned Pumpkin 6 Ways

    Baked goods and savory meals that start from a can of pumpkin.

  3. 6 Swaps to Slash Added SugarIs Canola Oil Toxic?

    Find out what the science says.

Health & Weight Loss

  1. 5 Reasons to Eat More Greens!5 Reasons to Eat More Greens!

    We love dark leafy greens and luckily they love us right back! Here are 5 super-healthy reasons to eat up.

  2. Clean Up Your Diet to Slim DownClean Up Your Diet to Slim Down

    Clean eating helps make your overall diet healthier, but it can also help you slim down.

  3. Best Food-Court Meals to Choose
    Best Food-Court Meals to Choose

    If you're stuck at the mall or running errands, here are healthy options you can feel good about.

Food News

  1. The Best Apples for Eating & Baking
    The Best Apples for Eating & Baking

    Hooray for apple season! Here are great varieties to try in baking recipes and ones best eaten fresh.

  2. Why We Love Ugly Food!Why We Love Ugly Food!

    Fruits and vegetables end up in landfills if they're not "pretty" enough for the store. Here's why ugly produce needs our help.

  3. Is Your Pet Getting Enough Exercise?Is Your Pet Getting Enough Exercise?

    Fido needs his walks! Here's how to know if your pet is getting enough activity.

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